Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening in Swansea, MA

Spend Less Time in the Chair and More Time Confidently Smiling Again

Are you afraid to smile because you have dull, yellow teeth, but don’t have the time for a professional teeth whitening? At Stencil Dental, our office in Swansea, MA utilizes the latest dental whitening technology, Glo Whitening, so you can spend less time in the chair and more time where you need to be. This technology allows our dentist, Dr. Gomes-Moore, to provide safe and effective professional teeth whitenings that will make a big difference in a short amount of time. Have the confidence to smile again without any hassle by scheduling an appointment with our Swansea dental team today!

The Benefits of a Whiter Smile

Over time your teeth will naturally dull and turn yellow, especially if you regularly smoke or drink coffee, tea, wine, or soda. This can cause you to lose the confidence to smile regularly, which means you are losing out on all the benefits of smiling that research has revealed, such as:

  • Increased Happiness
  • Reduced Stress
  • Improved Immune System
  • Lower Heart Rate
  • Lower Blood Pressure

Stencil Dental’s professional teeth whitening services will have your teeth sparkling again, so you can take full advantage of all the benefits that smiling offers.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Treatments

If you prefer to brighten your teeth from the comfort of your own home, we can provide you with our customized at-home teeth whitening solutions. Our team of dental whitening experts will craft a personalized and reusable tray for you that fits your teeth better than store-bought kits for more effective and faster results. Dr. Gomes-Moore will then provide you with a teeth bleaching gel prescription that is tailored to your unique needs. By utilizing this dental whitening gel and trays for about 30 minutes per day, you will start to experience a brighter smile in no time at all.

We also offer at-home Glo Whitening kits and while they aren’t as strong as our in-office services, they are more effective than the teeth whitening kits you can buy online or in stores. These Glo Whitening kits are able to achieve the whitest at-home results faster due to superior technology and Dr. Gomes-Moore being able to prescribe you with a higher concentration of the dental whitening agent.

Our Teeth Whitening Options

Coming in for your normal teeth cleaning appointments is crucial for a healthier, whiter smile. These appointments allow our team to remove any plague or tartar buildup that may be dulling your smile, before we apply our teeth bleaching solutions. We must first treat any infection and decay to ensure a safe teeth bleaching process. Whitening is not bad for your teeth, but getting your teeth healthy is a priority beforehand.

Once your teeth are clean, we offer two options to help brighten your smile.

In-Office Dental Whitenings

Our in-office teeth whitening provides a much higher concentration of whitening agent, which cannot be used at home. This higher concentration means your teeth will look white and sparkle more in a shorter amount of time. During our in-office teeth bleaching, we apply a barrier over your gums to protect them and then apply the whitening product. This barrier also has the added bonus of helping to protect sensitive gums, which at-home solutions typically cannot provide.

We now also offer Glo Whitening to all our patients in Swansea, MA. This cutting-edge technology combines gentle warming heat and safe LED lights to accelerate your results with optimal comfort. Together with our highly effective and concentrated hydrogen peroxide dental whitening gel, we are able to provide faster results and brighter teeth.

Ready to Brighten Your Smile?

Spend less time brightening your teeth and more time enjoying the benefits of smiling. With our cutting-edge technology and dedication to personalized care, Stencil Dental has become the best teeth whitening dentist in Swansea, MA. Contact us online or call our Swansea office at 508-679-7936 to discover what a whiter smile can do for you today!